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Conveniences and Facilities


Nine apartments and four rooms for two persons each are available to choose from. The apartments boast a mini kitchen, satellite TV and shower. Of course, internet access is available as well. Enjoy the full range of the breakfast buffet every morning – on sunny days, why not on the breakfast patio? And should the days be a bit cooler, you can ease yourself into the day with a glass of sparkling wine by the fireplace. Or, indeed, cosily spend the evening there!

Colourful butterflies are as much part of our Spreewald meadows as are the boats travelling the streams. We have captured some of the most stunning ones for a little photographic exhibition in the house and have named the rooms and apartments after them. The selection process was not easy, for our area is home to several thousand species.

Apartment / Room Size Room Kitchen Persons
Room 1 "Apollofalter" 24 qm WZ, DU no 2
Apartment 2 "Schillerfalter" 31 qm WZ, DU yes 2
Apartment 3 "Aurorafalter" 34 qm WZ ,DU yes 2
Apartment 4 "Schwalbenschwanz" 31 qm WZ ,DU yes 2
Room 5 "Pfauenauge" 24 qm WZ, DU no 2
Room 6 "Eulenfalter" 24 qm WZ, DU no 2
Apartment 7 "Distelfalter" 29 qm WZ, DU yes 2
Apartment 8"Zitronenfalter" 31 qm WZ, DU yes 2
Apartment 9 "Kaisermantel" 31 qm WZ, DU yes 2
Room 10 "Sonnenröschen" 22 qm WZ, DU. SZ no 2
Apartment 11 "Heufalter" 41 qm WZ, DU yes 2
Apartment 12"Würfelfalter" 34 qm WZ, DU yes 2
Apartment 13"Ritterfalter" 54 qm WZ, DU, SZ, KZ yes 3

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